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Client Profile

A leading and well-known mobile & other electronic peripherals retailer in West India having more than 20 branches and multiple stores in different geo locations. Client has over 500+ staffs in different departments and connected through Stores Every Where (SEW) web application.


  • Customer had a prominent name in local cities and state, however, challenge was to generate an invoice for any mobile device sale under 5 seconds with vision of invoice count from 1000 to above 6000 daily.
  • A semi-tech customer dealing and no single application to generate one sales invoice and reconciliation was a headache.
  • Manual large inventory stock management eating much human effort and higher chance of errors
  • Manual co-ordination between different departments like purchase, inventory stock and account
  • Evaluate right IT partner and solution for expanding their business from local market to multi location market.

Engagement Objective & Goals

  • To build an In-house Web Inventory management portal with ultimate goal to generate sales invoice under 5 seconds.
  • Build many modules like Item Master, Purchase Order to Sales Order, Promotion, Loyalty programs management and backend admin panel to manage User, Profile and access permission for different departments.
  • Generate customize reports for well-informed decision making analytics real time
  • Real time dashboard or sales and purchase trends of today and past 1 week’s analysis

Our Role

  • To provide a solution to address the challenges by creating simplified user experience and customer journey.
  • Streamline internal processes for better tracking and ROI.
  • Educate team how to improve Purchase oo Sales process in effective manner with maximum automation

Solution Highlight

  • Management of multiple branch and location is an easy task with dependency management
  • Real time identification and view location wise inventory in & out flows
  • Implemented Unique Item Number Barcoding to fetch and show item details in one click.
  • Stock verification can be done every day in maximum 10 minutes’ time with help of bar code scanner
  • Being a Web Portal, access from different location becomes easy and better control of ongoing enhancement from single server
  • Caching of master and item price list with cache server on different location increased user experience remarkable
  • Customer registration with loyalty card increased the repetitive business and promotion program options and permutation are limit less
  • Reconciliation and account entry has become an automate process real time

Business Benefits

  • Enabling multiple location business increase business and market capture
  • Become strong brand
  • Central application for human, inventory and account management
  • Easy & real time collaboration, reconciliation between different teams and department
  • No error from Purchase to Sales to accounting process due to heavy automation

Values Delivered

  • Help to choose right solution and platform
  • Thoughtful process and workflow implementation has helped customer to increase the sales with no additional staff
  • The user experience of managing inventory and sales is no more pain areas
  • Simple and clean website design
  • Bring automation as much as it can be
  • Avoid human intervention until it is necessary during multiple processing
  • Send alert on the gaps or error in reconciliation of an inventory
  • Predictive stock management analytics


  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Silverlight 4.0
  • DotNetNuke Open Source
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Memcached
  • Asp.Net MVC Razor View Engine
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